How to Remove a Spare Bulb in a Tail Cap Mini Maglite

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Many of the tools in your do-it-yourself arsenal are designed to be used in enclosed spaces. So, you must have a tool in your kit to illuminate small work spaces. A Mini Maglite flashlight is designed to accomplish this task efficiently and easily. Unfortunately, as with all flashlights, even the heavy-duty Mini Maglite will blow a light bulb occasionally. But, the Mini Maglite is always prepared for this with a spare bulb hidden in the rear cap of the light. In order to access the spare Mini Maglite bulb, you need to know the proper method of accessing the bulb so that you can swap it out and get back to the task at hand.


Step 1

Unscrew the tail cap from the Mini Maglite flashlight while holding it so that the lens is pointing at a table. Set the body of the flashlight aside, being careful not to dump the batteries from the exposed compartment.

Step 2

Flip the tail cap of the flashlight over so that the battery contact spring is facing up. Grasp the spring and gently twist and pull it away from the tail cap. Place the spring onto the table for replacement later.

Step 3

Gently grasp the replacement bulb in the tail cap and pull it straight out of the tail cap. Now that the bulb is free, it is ready for installation into the Mini Maglite.