How to Remove Dampness From a Crawl Space

It is very easy for a crawl space to become damp. The problem is that the dampness can lead to a rotting of the wood, or to the growth of mildew. If mildew begins to grow, you will start to smell a musty odor that will be very hard to get rid of. It is best if you take the proper steps to keep your crawl space from becoming damp in the first place.

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Things You'll Need

  • Moisture-absorbing silica gel

  • Containers

  • Electric fan

  • CleanSpace system

Step 1

Remove the crawl space doors and allow the crawl space to have time to ventilate. Ventilation is key in removing the moisture which is causing the dampness.

Step 2

Purchase moisture-absorbing silica gel and pour some of it into a several containers. Keep the lids off of these containers, and be sure to use containers that you don't care about. You will not be able to reuse these containers for anything else.

Step 3

Place your moisture-absorbing silica gel containers in your crawl space. The gel will get to work to dry out the air and prevent the dampness from returning.

Step 4

Install an electric fan. Turn the fan on periodically to circulate the air in the crawl space and prevent dampness from occurring.

Step 5

Have a professional install a CleanSpace system. This system lines the crawl space to protect it against moisture, insects, and dirt. You may want to use this step as a last resort because it is a bit pricey.


If your crawl space smells like mildew, you can sprinkle some chloride of lime in there and it will get rid of the lingering odors.


There is another chemical that gets rid of dampness when used in a crawl space. It is called anhydrous calcium chloride. This chemical is more dangerous and can eat through clothes and household items. It should be used with extreme caution.

Keep the moisture-absorbing silica gel away from small children and pets. It can be harmful if ingested.

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