How to Seal Your Lip Print on a Card

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Things You'll Need

  • Lipstick

  • Plain paper

  • 2 small rocks or other paperweight

  • Multipurpose respirator

  • Exhaust fan

  • Artist's spray fixative or hair spray (not water-based)

To give a sexy sign-off to a note or letter, make a lip print with bright lipstick. Keep your lipstick print from smearing on paper or a card with a quick spray with a product sold at art supply stores that coats charcoal or pastels. Alternatively, hair spray will protect a spontaneous card kiss.


Step 1

Apply a matte lipstick, not lip gloss or a long-wearing lipstick. Practice your lip print on a plain piece of paper to get the pressure right to make a clear lip print. It may take a couple of tries to get a lip print that's complete.

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Step 2

Reapply the lipstick and kiss the card in the spot you want the lip print, such as inside, below your signature.


Step 3

Lay the card on a clean surface such as a table or counter and hold it open by setting a small rock or something small and heavy on each of the card's upper corners.


Step 4

Turn on the exhaust fan and put on a respirator.


Step 5

Shake the fixative or hair spray for a slow count of 30. Remove the lid and aim the spray nozzle at the card. Hold the container about 1 foot from the card. Press down on the nozzle and spray in a sweeping motion from one side of the lip print to the other. Don't worry if the spray hits more of the card than the lip print; it dries clear.


A window fan with an exhaust setting helps reduce exposure to chemicals that can cause respiratory harm.

Craft stores and art supply vendors sell fixative.

Test the hair spray on plain paper to ensure it sprays smoothly. If it isn't spraying right, run the nozzle under hot tap water.

Stationery stores and art suppliers sell blank card stock and matching envelopes, or you can use a ready-made card. The lip print will stay fixed best on plain, matte card stock, not glossy.

For a sparkly variation, spray both sides of the card with glitter hair spray. Apply lipstick beyond your lips for a larger lip print. For example, exaggerate the points on your upper lip and make your lower lip fuller for a vamp-style kissy mouth.

For a custom card, use a calligraphy pen and rubber stamps, such as hearts for Valentine's Day. Fixative or hair spray will keep stamp and pen ink from running, too.

If the manufacturer doesn't directly state that the hairspray isn't water-based, you can always check the ingredients. If alcohol is the main ingredient, rather than water, it will work fine.


Use only lipstick for making the lip print. Lip gloss is too moist, and long-wearing lipstick doesn't transfer much color. Paints and other craft supplies may contain toxins.

Don't inhale fixative or hair spray.

Don't use fixative or hair spray while smoking or near heat sources or open flame.

Don't use fixative on skin or hair.


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