How to Remove the Mowing Deck From a Toro

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Working on a Toro mower is quite simple. Whether you need to take the mowing deck off to replace it or for some other reason, be sure to follow the safety instructions listed in the warning section of this article. Wear the proper clothing and gloves and make sure that you are working on a flat surface with no distractions.


Things You'll Need

  • Wrench

  • Toro Mower

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Step 1

Position the PTO lever/knob in the "stop" position and set the parking brake. Move the deck lift lever to the bottom notch on the right fender.

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Step 2

Remove the PTO belt. This is the belt positioned around the electric PTO clutch and the PTO idler pulley/s.


Step 3

Locate the deck support pin. It will be found on the left side of the tractor on the rear left side of the mowing deck. Turn the pin slightly toward the rear of the tractor. There will be a hole provided that you want to drop the pin into.

Step 4

Pull the pin of the deck support outward, releasing the deck from the deck lift arm. Repeat the steps above on the right side of the mower. Raise the lift arms up and out of the way. You will need to position the deck lift lever to the top notch on the right fender to do so.


Step 5

Slide the mowing deck forward until the hooks on the deck release from the deck stabilizer rod. Slide (from the right side) the mowing deck out from under the tractor.


Reference your owner's manual for additional instruction and diagrams.


Always turn the power off, take the key out of the ignition and unplug the spark plug when working with or around the blades to the mower.