How to Switch a Stove Outlet to a Dryer Electrical Outlet

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Things You'll Need

  • Dryer outlet kit

  • Screwdriver (Phillips and/or flat-head)

  • Electrical line tester

  • Wire cutters/strippers (if needed)

Converting your existing electric stove outlet over to an outlet for dryer use is as simple as installing the appropriate outlet. Purchase the right type of outlet to match the plug on your existing dryer, as they vary between manufacturers. Consult a licensed electrician before beginning any work, as these electrical lines carry 220 volts and can be deadly if extreme care is not taken. Following a few steps will help you know how to switch a stove outlet to a dryer electrical outlet correctly.


Step 1

Locate the breaker in the main power panel supplying power to the outlet to be changed and turn the breaker to the off position.

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Step 2

Check that the power is off with the electrical line tester. Insert the red probe into one slot, insert the black probe into the other slot on the outlet. If no lights light up, the power is turned off and it's safe to work.


Step 3

Remove the screws on the cover of the outlet, using the screwdriver, and remove and discard the cover.

Step 4

Pull the stove outlet out of the electrical box as far as the wiring will permit. Using the screwdriver, unscrew the terminals where the wires are connected to disconnect them from the outlet. Discard the outlet.


Step 5

Cut the ends of any damaged wires with the wire cutters. Strip about 1 inch of insulation off the end of each of the wires, using the wire strippers.

Step 6

Run the wiring through the hole on the dryer outlet and, using the screwdriver and included screws in the kit, mount the dryer outlet directly to the wall.


Step 7

Connect the wiring to the dryer outlet, using the screwdriver, in the following manner. Connect the red (hot) and black (hot) wires to the outside two brass screws labeled hot. Connect the white (neutral) wire to the silver screw labeled neutral. Connect the bare/green wire (ground) to the green screw labeled ground. Tighten each screw to a snug fit.


Step 8

Place the outlet cover over the outlet. Using the screwdriver and included screw, attach the cover in place.

Step 9

Turn the power to the outlet back on, at the main power panel.

Step 10

Insert the red probe of the electrical line tester into one slot, and the black probe into another slot. The light lights up, indicating that power is running to the outlet.


If you are new to working with electrical lines or outlet, do not attempt to work on them without the help of a licensed electrician.

Be sure that your fingers do not come in contact with any part of the metal probes as you insert them into the outlet as this could cause shock or electrocution.

Be sure all electrical wiring meets the building codes for you area.

Follow the manufacturer guidelines for your model electrical line tester to ensure proper use and safety.


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