How to Scare Birds From Outdoor Decorative Wreath

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Things You'll Need

  • Super Glue

  • Magnet

  • Non-Toxic Repellent

  • A Bright Bow

  • Old Compact Disks

  • Duct Tape

  • Streamers

Birds can be beautiful while singing in the morning, or flying through the sky. However, when they make themselves a home where they are not wanted, the beauty quickly turns into the beast. Around the holidays, you may discover your wreath decoration has been taken over by birds, who have mistaken it for a nest. Federal law protects them from being killed, so lawn and garden specialists have derived do-it-yourself tips and tricks for keeping your house all your own.


The Traditional Ways

Step 1

Super glue a magnet to the back of your wreath, and then hang it on your door. This disrupts the bird's means of sensing direction.

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Step 2

Instead of the traditional red velvet bow, tie a metallic or bright colored bow on the front of your wreath. Birds are afraid of anything that resembles a predator. The disruption of nature "causes the bird to be nervous," and it will steer clear.


Step 3

Hang the wreath on a tree instead of a door, and hang streamers from the branches of the tree. The slight whisper of wind scares away even the bravest of birds. Your local variety store should sell holiday-themed streamers, should you want to keep up the spirit.

Non-Traditional Ways

Step 1

Non-toxic bird repellent is available at your local hardware store. Buy a can, and spray one to three shots directly on the wreath, and the door surrounding it.


Step 2

Using old compact disks, build a shadow around your wreath. Take the compact disk and duct tape it to your door, before hanging the wreath. Do this in three spots, and hang the wreath so that only a slight amount (approximately one-tenth) of the grey reflection from the disk can be seen.

Step 3

If you aren't one to mind how things look up close, enclose bird netting around your wreath before hanging. Stealth Net can be cut to fit its exact size.


Birds associate the color red with fire and will tend to venture away from yards with an access of red and orange. If your yard is already decorated for the season, you may simply want to consider adding a strand of red lights (available at your local variety store).

If your homemade means of scaring away these birds have proven futile, companies sell fake predator ornaments you can place in your lawn.


Under no circumstances should you chase birds off your property, with sprays or large objects. Mother birds are protective of their children, and will deem you a target of attack should they find you a threat to their offspring. Since humans do not know if a bird is dependent or not, it is best to steer clear.


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