How to Tighten a Belt on a Snapper Mower

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For your Snapper mower to work correctly, some routine maintenance is a must. One of the more common maintenance tasks is tightening a loose belt. A loose belt can cause your Snapper mower to malfunction and can even damage the mower. Fortunately it's super easy to tighten a belt on a Snapper mower. Grab a standard wrench or a pair of pliers, and you'll be finished tightening the belt on your Snapper mower in about 10 minutes.


Step 1

For safety, disconnect the wire that connects the spark plug.

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Step 2

Loosen the clamp bolts on the main frame tube with a wrench or a pair of pliers.

Step 3

Adjust the tension of the mower deck drive belt by shortening or lengthening the location of the main frame tube inside the clamps.

Step 4

Tighten the clamp bolts back to their original positions using a wrench or a pair of pliers.

Step 5

Reconnect the spark plug wire.

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