How to Melt Castile Soap

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Things You'll Need

  • Knife

  • Castile soap

  • Glass bowl

  • Microwave

Castile soap has been around for hundreds of years and is becoming more and more popular. Unlike most other types of soap, castile is made from vegetable oils, typically olive oil, rather than animal fat. Since it is made with vegetable oil, it is more environmentally friendly. Castile soap is often used for craft soaps; it is melted down and poured into molds. Melting castile soap is safe and just as easy as warming up a glass of water for tea.


Step 1

Cut the castile soap into small half-inch pieces with a sharp knife. This reduces the amount of time it takes for the soap to melt.

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Step 2

Put the soap into a glass bowl. Glass is the best material to use because it can withstand high heat and is less likely to stain from any dyes you may want to add to the soap.

Step 3

Put the container in the microwave. Heat it up on high power for one minute or until melted.

Step 4

Remove from the microwave and add dyes or scents of your choice.


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