How to Make Invitations Using Pages

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Things You'll Need

  • iWork Pages

  • High-quality card stock

  • Printer

Using a design application, such as Pages in Apple's iWork suite, to make your own wedding invitations, you can create simple wedding invitations for a fraction of the cost of ordering from a third party. Just make sure to give yourself plenty of time and room for trial and error before creating and printing the real thing.


Step 1

Select the Pages application in your computer's "Applications" folder.

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Step 2

Open a new document when the template selector screen pops up. Choose "Cards and Invitations" then "Formal Invitation."


Step 3

On page one, which will become the outside cover of your invitation, select the dummy text and replace it with a phrase, such as "Please Join Us" or "You're Invited." Or type in the names of the bride and groom.

Step 4

On page two, the inside of the invitation, select dummy text and replace it with the wedding details, such as date, time and location. Make sure to include RSVP information in the provided field.


Step 5

Connect your computer to a color printer, and print page one onto a sheet of good quality card stock.

Step 6

After page one is printed, reverse the card stock, and print page two on the other side of the paper.


Step 7

Carefully cut each invitation in half length-wise using a paper cutter. Each piece of 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches card stock will produce two invitations.

Step 8

Fold the invitations in half width-wise, creating a tent-fold card. Score the top of each invitation using your finger.


To change the color of the text, highlight the desired portion and click on the color bar at the top of the screen. Select a color from the popup menu. Print envelopes using Pages' "Formal Envelope" template. Make sure to include stamped response cards, which can be created using a Pages' postcard template. For more template options, search an iWork free template Web site.


Before printing your entire batch of invitations, run one or two test sheets on plain printer paper. Buy extra ink cartridges to avoid running out.


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