How to Bake Bacon on a Broiler Pan in the Oven

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Things You'll Need

  • Bacon

  • Broiler pan

  • Oven

  • Tongs

Cured pork meat, commonly referred to as bacon, is a breakfast staple in many homes across the United States. Bacon meat is primarily taken from the belly of the pig. Bacon is cured in a brine containing large amounts of salt. Brined bacon can be dried, smoked or boiled. Smoked and boiled bacon is ready to eat, but dried bacon requires cooking. Bacon is prepared by frying, baking or grilling. Baking bacon is one of the best methods to use, because it produces a meat that is not soggy, cooked evenly and grease-free.


Step 1

Keep the oven turned off until the bacon is ready to bake.

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Step 2

Separate bacon pieces and place on a broiler pan, making sure pieces are in single layers not touching.

Step 3

Place the broiler pan of bacon in the oven.


Step 4

Turn on oven and set temperature to 400 degrees F.

Step 5

Cook bacon for around 10 minutes, making sure to watch that the bacon is not cooking too fast.

Step 6

Turn bacon with tongs and place back in the oven for another approximate 10 minutes, again making sure to watch the bacon closely.

Step 7

Remove bacon from the oven when it appears crispy.


Oven temperatures and cooking times will vary. Always watch bacon closely to make sure it does not burn.



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