How to Cheaply Soundproof a Room

Retreating into a soundproofed room seems like a dream when noise from loud neighbors or noisy children is too much to bear. Soundproofing a room can be expensive, but there are some ways you can cut the noise without cutting too deeply into your budget.

Noise between rooms can be minimized.
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Things You'll Need

  • White noise machine

  • Radio

  • Caulk

  • Caulk gun

  • Storm windows

  • Towel

  • Weather-stripping

Step 1

Install a white noise machine or a turn a radio on at low volume. More sound can effectively fight sound. Low-level sounds include things like a white-noise machine, a small waterfall, or even a radio turned way down so that it is very quiet. If combined, all three of these things combine to make a neutral sound in the room.

Step 2

Caulk all of those small holes around the windows, doors, pipes and floorboards. Just doing this one step and closing all of those small holes with a non-hardening silicone caulking can drastically cut down on noise. Sound waves travel through air. Knowing this one principle is enough to assist in preventing unwanted sounds.

Step 3

Install storm windows to keep out noise from outside if you don't have double-paned windows. Storm windows utilize the dead-air space between the storm windows and the windowpanes to trap sound. Leave storm windows on all year over windows that are in a high noise area. Be sure to make sure that the edges of the storm windows are sealed and airtight.

Step 4

Seal the bottom of the door temporarily with a towel if the noise is coming from one specific room and is temporary. For a more permanent solution, try weather stripping around the edges of the door and a sweep at the bottom as well. When neither of these suggestions are successful, try replacing the door with one made out of solid wood.