How to Clean the Plug-in Scented Oil Warmers

An aromatic oil warmer helps make a room feel warmer and have a cozy feeling, but after time, oil residue can build up in the warmer and wreak havoc with your special fragrance. Cleaning your oil plug-in warmer after each use prevents this problem. Proper maintenance keeps oils fresh and can extend the life of your warmer.

Quick Cleaning

A quick cleaning with a wet or dry paper towel after each use extends the time between deep cleanings. Wipe oil from the cooled warmer with a dry paper towel; then wipe the warming dish with a damp paper towel to remove any that remains. Allow the warmer to dry thoroughly before using it again.


Never clean the oil warmer while it’s hot to avoid serious burns.

Deep Cleaning

You don't have to use specialty cleaners or harsh chemicals to deep clean an oil warmer; in fact, harsh chemicals can actually damage some warmers. Instead, use everyday dish soap and warm water. Fill your sink with warm water and add a couple of squirts of dish soap. Place the cooled, empty oil bowl into the sink and allow it to soak. While it's soaking, wipe down the oil warmer stand with a damp soapy dishcloth.


When cleaning an electric oil warmer, make sure to keep water away from the light bulb area and the mechanical housing to prevent damage.

You may need to wipe the base several times, depending on how much oil is on your stand. Wipe the soap off the stand with a clean damp dish cloth or paper towel. Dry the base with a paper towel, but allow the stand to thoroughly air dry before plugging it in.

Carefully scrub the pre-soaked oil warmer dish with the dishcloth, removing all the oil residue. Take extra care to clean any ridges or indentations in the bowl. Once the bowl is clean, rinse it with warm water. Allow the bowl to air dry before using.


Always let your oil warmer bowl air dry after a deep cleaning. Wet bowls can break or crack when heated, and oils may pop when mixed with water, which could cause burns.