How to Use an Electric Jack Hammer

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Things You'll Need

  • Goggles

  • Earmuffs

  • Boots

  • Gloves

  • Mask

An electric jackhammer can be a useful tool when you are building or remodeling. It can certainly cut down demolition time and it will save you a lot of effort compared to manual demolition. This type of high-powered tool isn't something that you encounter every day, though. Make sure that you know how to use an electric jackhammer before attempting to try it out. Follow the safety precautions, and have a good idea of how to use the jackhammer before you start.

Step 1

Keep yourself safe. Wear goggles, earmuffs, boots, gloves and a mask. Goggles are always needed to keep small parts from getting into your eyes. Ear muffs will prevent any damage and keep out noise.Wear heavy-duty gloves and boots as well. If what you intend to break down is dusty, wear a mask.

Step 2

Pick out the right bit to use. Use a bit with a flat tip for an edge trim, use a spade for concrete and a point for breaking a solid exterior. Look at the surface that you need to break down to make sure that you are using the right bit for the job. If you are renting an electric jackhammer ask for help to make sure you use the right bit. If you're buying the jackhammer, ask the sales associate for help on choosing the right bit for the job.

Step 3

Place the electric jackhammer over the surface or area that you want to break up. Start working from the outside and move inwards. Press the switch or trigger and let the jackhammer do the work. Don't lean over it or try to force it down or try lifting it around. It will be able to penetrate and break up the surface without much help from you.

Step 4

Once you have reached a point that is deep enough you can turn off the jackhammer. do not pull it out. Most first-timers make this mistake and just start digging somewhere close again to break off a piece. Keep the electric jackhammer in the ground and angle it. This way you can use the jackhammer as leverage and loosen up the piece that's been broken.

Step 5

Clean up the area that you've broken down. This allows the electric jackhammer a chance to rest and cool down.


Using an electric jackhammer can be dangerous, so use caution at all times. Wear long pants, because the tool can get hot enough to burn. Use a heavy-duty extension cord to avoid any short circuits or burning.