How to Fix a Hot Water Tank That Runs Constantly

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Whether it's the refrigerator, the air conditioning or the hot water heater, there are sounds around the house that we choose to ignore on a daily basis. But any time one of those sounds is continuous, something is probably wrong. If it's the hot water heater, it's likely there is a leak, and not dealing with it quickly can result in even more damage and more money leaving your wallet.


Step 1

Check around the hot water heater for water on the floor. If there is a leak, you may be able to fix the problem yourself. If there is not leak, contact a professional before whatever damage is causing the problem gets too serious.

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Step 2

Find the temperature pressure relief valve at the top of the hot water heater, near the water outlet joint. Look for a horizontal lever. If you can spot the leak coming from that area, tighten the valve. If tightening the valve does not stop it from leaking, contact a professional to have the valve replaced.


Step 3

Check pipes coming from the hot water heater. They may also be leaking. If you see a leak, take a wrench and tighten the pipe fitting. If the leak continues, you may need new pipe fitting. Leaking may also have come from a broken gasket, so check everywhere around the heater to see where the water originated.


Turn off the power running to the hot water heater before any pipes or gaskets get replaced. Don't try to replace a pipe or a gasket unless you are sure that you know what you're doing. Leave it to the professionals. When using a wrench to tighten a pipe, make sure to not tighten it so hard that it causes damage to the pipe.