How to Cut a Concrete Curb

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Things You'll Need

  • Safety glasses, ear plugs and gloves

  • Colorful chalk

  • Concrete saw

  • Water flow from hose

When landscaping or designing your outdoors living space, you may desire to cut back the curb to make way for a drive way or other needed entrance. To make the neccessry adjustments to your curbside, you will need a few tools and some patience. Keping your mind clear and focused when using your concrete saw will eliminate the need to redo any possible mistakes, and lead to a fulfilling well done project.


Step 1

Mark the area you wish to saw with a bold piece of colorful chalk. Be sure it can be seen while cutting, avoiding any possible mishaps. Dress accordingly to the safty protocol listed in the warnings.

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Step 2

Start the saw and begin to cut with a 45 degree angle at the top of the curb. Keep the saw at top strength and supply the water required alongside the blade.


Step 3

Cut slowly letting the blade do the work. Added force, and/or rushing through the job, will only cause complications and possible injury.

Step 4

Follow the chalk line with the blade of the saw until you reache the bottom. Turn off all power sources, the blade and the water supply and wait for the blade to stop moving.


Step 5

Sweep debri from site and wash away any residue from pathways into the lawn. Remove the large pieces of concrete and throw away immediately.


Begin the saw at full strength to engage the concrete and make a safe and sharp cut. You will want to be sure the finished product comes out as smooth and straight as possible. Keep a steady hand and break if you ever have a doubt of how the saw or you are performing.

Be sure that the hoses are gauged for the strength of the saw, and that they will provide the proper amount of water, most ideally 2 gallons of spray per minute of cutting.


Always make sure your saw and blades are clean and sharp. Working with a dull blade can be hazardous, making it difficult to complete the task. Wear protective gear such as thick gloves and safety glasses. Wear ear plugs to protect your ears from damaging noises produced by the saw and the concrete as they meet.

Never wear clothing that is loose or could somehow fall into the path of the saw. Never allow children near the cut site, nor try to watch children alone while cutting.

Chunks of concrete must be discarded right away to avoid injury. The sharp points of the cut material can be harmful to children and pets, as well as yourself.


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