How to Find Out If a Brass Statue Is Worth Money?

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The most important component about finding out if your bronze statue is worth money is research. What may seem like an old, worthless relic could really be a priceless piece of art. There are many resources to explore.

How to find out if your Bronze Statue is worth money

Step 1

Inspect the bronze sculpture carefully. Search for any stamp marks, insignias or carvings on the statue. If the statue has a certificate from an artist that is even better. It will make research easier.


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Step 2

Photograph the statue from every angle, i.e., front, right side, left side, back, top, bottom. Make sure to include any carvings, stamps or insignias you found while inspecting the statue.

Step 3

Conduct research online or at a library on any insignias or markings you found. If none were found, do comparison research--that is compare it with bronze sculptures already on the market. If a replicate sculpture is found and a value specified, then you've found a potential price.


Step 4

Research appraisers. Once a credible appraiser has been found, send the photos for an estimate. Different appraisers have different techniques, so adapting strategies will be important.


The television show "Antique Roadshow" is highly recommended. They have additional resources on their website.

The ideal would be to take the bronze statue for an appraisal to an "Antique Roadshow" event. Check the show's website to get a list of upcoming appearances.


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