How to Remove Mold From a Tile Floor

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Things You'll Need

  • Bleach or white vinegar

  • Plastic scrub brush

  • Bucket

  • Mop

  • Old rags

Bathrooms are a natural breeding ground for mold. They are damp, sometimes lacking in windows or good ventilation, and rarely get much light when not in use. This is especially so for your full bathrooms, and one of the most likely spots to find mold will be on your tile floor. Getting the mold out should be fairly easy, and requires only a little elbow grease and some disinfectant.


Step 1

Make a disinfectant mix in a bucket. For tile floors, bleach is a good mold killer. Mix 2 cups of bleach per gallon of water together. Do not add other cleansers, since some of these have a propensity to cause the chlorine to come out of the bleach as a poisonous gas. If you want to try a natural and less harsh disinfecting agent, use white vinegar straight from the bottle. It is about 80 percent effective against mold.

Step 2

Pour some disinfecting agent on the mold spots of the floor, and scrub it thoroughly with a soft plastic brush that won't scratch your tile. Pay particular attention to your grout. It's pitted and fractured surface is liable to retain some mold otherwise. Let the disinfectant sit on the moldy spot for three to five minutes after scrubbing.


Step 3

Pour out whatever disinfectant is in your bucket (if you used bleach), rinse it and refill it with water. Return to the bathroom and moldy part the floor with clean water to rinse it.

Step 4

Dry the formerly moldy part of the tile floor with an old rag.

Step 5

Leave the door to the bathroom propped open to make sure it gets plenty of ventilation after you finish. Switch on the venting fan, if you have one.


Removing the mold from your floor is only a temporary fix if you do not address your bathroom's moisture problem. You can do this by leaving the bathroom door propped open whenever it is not in use, leaving an outside window open whenever it is not in use or installing a ventilation fan with an exterior vent.