How to Remove Spray Paint From Eyeglasses

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You can remove spray paint from eyeglasses.
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Spray paint is easy to transfer to other surfaces. That's its major selling point, and it's also why it's nearly impossible to finish a spray paint session without finding droplets of paint in unwanted places. Errant spray paint on your socks or skin isn't the end of the world, but paint that gets on your glasses can impede your vision and is noticeable to everyone you see. Traditional cleaning products may scratch the lenses, so remove paint from glasses very carefully.


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Ways to Remove Paint From Glasses

How you tackle spray paint on glasses depends on whether the paint has dried already when you notice it. Dried paint can be simple to remove, especially from the bridge, lenses or temples of the glasses. Gently scraping the dried paint with a fingernail may do the trick. A playing card may also be helpful in scraping dried paint from the glasses since its edges are sturdy without being sharp enough to leave scratches.

If scraping alone doesn't loosen the paint, try using a cleansing wipe made especially for eyeglasses. Hold the wipe over the painted areas for a few minutes to moisten the area and then try scraping again. Another option is to soak glasses in a solution of warm water and dish detergent for several minutes and then scrape the paint and rinse the glasses well in clean water.


Dish detergent is also the first thing to try if you discover still-wet paint flecks on glasses. (Hand soap may also work in a pinch but only if it doesn't include moisturizers or scents.) Gently rub detergent all over the glasses, rinse them in warm water and dry them with a soft cloth. Whatever you do, don't try to wipe away any wet paint from the glasses, which will only create larger smudges for you to remove.

Things to Avoid

Most household cleaners should be avoided entirely when you're trying to remove paint from glasses. These products can scratch the lenses and damage their coating. Even materials that are generally safe for DIY household cleaning projects, like white vinegar and baking soda, are bad for cleaning eyeglasses. Don't use any cleaners that include ammonia, bleach or other harsh chemicals and never try to use your own spit to clean glasses, which is not only gross but also introduces extra bacteria to the surface.


If no method works to remove paint from glasses or if they're expensive frames that you don't want to risk damaging by using at-home methods, your best bet is to take the glasses to the store that sold them to you. Opticians are better equipped to safely remove marks without damaging the glasses.

Preventing Paint Stains on Glasses

Once you've struggled to remove paint from glasses, you'll want to avoid a repeat. Obviously, one way to guarantee that your glasses don't get speckled from paint during your next crafting or home improvement project is to remove them altogether.


However, if it's not possible to see without your glasses on, wear a pair of safety glasses specifically designed to go over prescription glasses. Alternatively, wrap glasses with plastic wrap while painting. Your vision might be slightly blurry, but it's worth preventing paint drops from damaging your glasses.