How to Make an Akatsuki Cloak

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Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape

  • Five yards black fabric

  • Seven Yards red fabric

  • Scissors

  • Sewing machine

  • White paint

  • Fine-tipped brush

Making Akatsuki cloaks takes some sewing skill.

The Akatsuki mobsters are popular characters from the Naruto anime. They are known for their long, billowing black and red cloaks, which makes the cloaks popular "cosplay" garments for fans. If you are looking for a way to make your own Akatsuki cloak, you really need to have experience in sewing, especially coats and cloaks. Remember that the exact measurements of the cloak varies according to your own measurements.


Step 1

Measure the length of your own body to get the measurements for the cloak itself. The front and back of the cloak will be the length from your shoulders to your knees. The sleeves will go below your wrists and be very wide. You also need your neck and shoulder measurements.

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Step 2

Cut the black fabric into the panels needed for the cloak's main body. You need a single panel for the back and two left and right panels for the front, since the front opens up. The sides are shaped much like very tall trapezoids on both the front and back. They have rounded clefts cut near the top for the sleeves and collar.


Step 3

Shear the sleeves out of the fabric by cutting more long trapezoids. These pieces need to be the length of your arm, which you measured earlier. The top of each needs to be as wide as the circumference of your sleeve holes. The bottom should be wide enough so the sleeve's diameter at the end is about three inches longer than your wrist.


Step 4

Make the collar by cutting fabric long enough to reach around the circumference of the neck hole. Its height should conform to your neck.

Step 5

Create the inner lining by cutting the same patterns out of the red fabric. This is needed only if you want the cloak to be an exact replica. The red pieces should be about a half-inch larger than the black ones. Sew the red panels onto the black ones so the black fabric is on top of the red with the red fabric forming a border around the black.


Step 6

Sew the cloak together with a sewing machine, connecting the front panels to the back panel on the sides. Sew each sleeve panel's sides together, then sew the sleeves to the cloak and the collar to the top.

Step 7

Cut out cloud designs from the red fabric and add a white outline to the clouds with paint and a fine-tipped brush. Create five of these clouds and sew them onto the cloak in various positions.


Getting a coat pattern from a fabric store can help guide people with little sewing experience, especially while working on the collar and sleeves. It's very likely you can find a coat pattern similar to that of the Akatsuki cloak.



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