How to Make DIY Storage Boxes

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Things You'll Need

  • One 4x8 piece of plywood

  • Two pieces of 5/8" square hardwood, 10-1/4" long

  • Drill

  • Saw

  • Wood screws

  • Hinges

  • Support Hinge

  • Wood stain

A wooden storage box can also be a nice piece of furniture.

Storage is always a problem in any home. Many times, you may not have enough closet space to keep all of your stuff organized and out of view. When this happens, things can get out of place and in some cases lost. If you would like to keep your things organized and have a nice piece of furniture, you may want to build your own storage box.


Step 1

Cut your plywood to the correct sizes. You will need one piece that is 12-1/8" (bottom), two pieces that are 11-1/2" x 25" (front and back), two pieces that are 12-1/8" x 10-3/4" (sides), one 2-1/8" x 25" (lid support), and one 11-5/8" x 25" (lid).

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Step 2

Place the bottom panel on a flat surface and place your front, back, and side pieces to make sure they fit and are square. Attach the panels to the bottom using screws

Step 3

Attach the 5/8" square wood to the lid. These pieces should be1 inch from the sides and centered. These will act as the anchors for the hinges.


Step 4

Attach the support piece to the back edge of the box using screws.

Step 5

Using the hinges and screws, attach the lid to the support piece. Make sire the hinges are being screwed through the plywood and into the 5/8" hardwood on the bottom of the lid. Attach your support hinge on one side of the box and the 5/8" hardwood.

Step 6

Sand the box down to make it smooth and stain it to match your room


Even though you can probably get away with making the cuts from a 2'x8' piece of plywood, get a 4'x8' piece in case you mess up a cut


Make sure all the sides are square before you attach them. If the sides don't match, your lid won't fit correctly.


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