How to Remove Wrinkles From Cellular Shades

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Things You'll Need

  • Spray fabric cleaner for delicate/gentle fabric

  • Sponge

  • Soft towel

  • Spray wrinkle remover

  • Hand steamer

Cellular shades are also called honeycomb shades. They are designed to help insulate your home and cut down on energy costs. While generally attractive, cellular shades sometimes get a little worn and wrinkly with excessive or overly aggressive use. Frequently, these wrinkles are actually more an issue of dust accumulation than serious wrinkling, since honeycomb shades are highly wrinkle resistant. These wrinkles can be removed..


Step 1

Extend the cellular shades; they will appear nearly flat. This will allow you to view them clearly. You may see wrinkles or lines that look like wrinkles where dust has collected.

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Step 2

Spray the blinds with fabric cleaner, but do not saturate them.

Step 3

Wipe down the blinds with a damp sponge. This will remove dust that has settled in the cracks of the blinds and also help diminish wrinkling.

Step 4

Spray the blinds with the wrinkle remover while they are still damp. Let them dry completely and then, if necessary, spray them a second time.


Step 5

Leave the blinds down for at least 48 hours. If you then still see wrinkles (which could be extremely set due to long storage or infrequent cleaning), you can use the hand steamer to steam out wrinkles as you would with clothing, or you can repeat the previous process.


For general upkeep, remove dust from shades once every other week with a dry cloth. The best way to fight wrinkles is through prevention.


Excessive wet-cleaning will result in damage and weakened structure over time.


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