How to Fold Money Into a Golf Club

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Things You'll Need

  • Crisp bill

  • Ruler

  • Scissors

Fold paper money into a golf club.

If you are looking for a gift for a golfer but don't know what that person already has or needs for the sport, fold paper money into a golf club shape and let her buy what she really wants. This golf club is in the shape of a putter and could be made with any denomination. Use one large bill or consider folding up several smaller bills to make a set of clubs. Making the club requires you to cut two slits into the bill, but the money is still negotiable. Simply tell the recipient to apply a couple pieces of cellophane tape before spending it.


Step 1

Fig. 1

Make a 2 ¼-inch cut across the bill at points 1 inch from the top and ¾ inch from the bottom. At the end of the bottom cut (when you are about ¼ inch from the opposite edge of the bill), pivot your scissors and snip down 3/8 inch toward the bottom of the bill. See Fig. 1.


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Step 2

Fig. 2

Fold over the center portion of the bill 1/8 inch to begin making the shaft. Continue folding over and over until you reach the opposite edge, creasing each fold sharply to make it lie flat. See Fig. 2.


Step 3

Fig. 3

Make the grip by loosely folding the top 1-inch section around the shaft. Crease each fold. See Fig. 3.


Step 4

Fig. 4

Make the head by folding over the side edge opposite the shaft 1 inch on the remaining ¾-inch bottom section. Fold the top and bottom corners of the folded edge toward each other in the center to create a point. See Fig. 4. Fold the head in half horizontally.

Step 5

Fold the bill at a slight angle to make the head tilt at the point where the shaft and head meet.


If needed, use a warm, dry iron to remove wrinkles from the bill.


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