How to Use Confirmat Screws

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Things You'll Need

  • Electric Drill

  • Drill Bits with Countersink Abilities

  • Driver Bits

  • Confirmat Screws

  • Clamps

Confirmat screws are designed specifically to be used with processed-wood materials. These types of materials are particle board or medium-density-type fiber boards that are used in furniture and cabinet construction. The design of the screw threads and screw head allows for the best possible grasping abilities when inserted into a pilot hole.


Step 1

Insert the correct-size multipurpose drill bit in an electric-drill chuck and tighten it. The correct-size bit will depend on the thickness of the material for which the confirmat screw is being used. For material that is three-quarters of an inch thick, a 7mm drill bit is recommended. This bit will accommodate the 7-by-50 screw that is used for a material with this thickness. For material that is a half-inch thick, use a 5mm drill bit to accommodate the 5-by-40 confirmat screw.


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Step 2

Using an electric drill, drill a pilot hole into both pieces of material that are being connected. To ensure proper placement of the hole, use clamps to hold the materials in place.

Step 3

Insert the tip of the confirmat screw into the pilot hole. The screw should be large enough to allow the threads to grasp onto the material.


Step 4

Place the electric drill fitted with the correct screwdriver bit into the head of the confirmat screw. Most drills feature separate speeds; the fast setting is for drilling holes while the slow setting is for tightening or loosening fasteners.

Step 5

Using an electric drill, drive the screw into the hole until its head is flush with the material. Do not overtighten the screw, as it will cause the screw threads to strip away the material at the sides of the hole.


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