How to Remove Silicone From Fabric

Silicone can be extremely problematic if it gets on fabric. Most people do not know how to fully remove it, and it can create a permanent, greasy-looking stain on the fabric. Fortunately, you can dissolve most types of silicone and get them out of your fabric using items that you likely have in your bathroom.

Things You'll Need

  • White rags

  • Rubbing alcohol

  • Hairdryer

Step 1

Remove as much of the silicone manually as possible. If the silicone is in a gel, then you may be able to scrape a large amount of it off the fabric. Use a clean, white cloth to remove as much as possible. Do not rub the gel in or across the fabric or you will exacerbate the problem. Try to lift it off the fabric gently.

Step 2

Douse a clean, white rag with rubbing alcohol. You should put a fair amount on the rag so that it is saturated.

Step 3

Blot the silicone spot with the saturated rag. You can make small rubbing motions, but do not scrub the fabric. The silicone should begin to disappear. As the rag dries, add more rubbing alcohol, if necessary. Keep moving the area of the rag that you are using to clean around so that you are not rubbing silicone back into the fabric.

Step 4

Turn the hairdryer on the fabric. You may need a helper to do this. Hold the dryer on the fabric as you blot so that you do not end up with a moisture stain, even though there is no longer silicone in the fabric. Once you can no longer see the stain and the fabric is completely dry, you are done.


Rubbing alcohol may stain or discolor some types of fabric. Test on a small, unnoticeable piece before you start working on a central area of the fabric.

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