How to Make Your Own Bobblehead Doll

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Things You'll Need

  • 24-inch pipe cleaner or craft wire

  • Marker or 1/2-inch dowel

  • Small, clean plastic juice bottle or yogurt container

  • White glue

  • 1/4 cup of uncooked rice

  • 8 x 10" sheets of craft foam, various colors

  • 12-inch tan or pink pipe cleaner

  • 2 ½-inch Styrofoam ball

  • Face cut from a photograph

  • Plastic googly eyes

  • Yarn, various colors

  • Scissors

Bobblehead Gregg

Making bobblehead dolls is a fun and simple craft for young children to put together with a little help. Whether you're looking for a craft for the classroom or a rainy day project to keep the kids busy, try making your own bobblehead doll.


Step 1

Coil a 24-inch pipe cleaner or piece of craft wire tightly around a thick-bodied marker or 1/2-inch dowel to create a spring. Stretch the coil out so it bounces.

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Step 2

Place the coiled pipe cleaner inside an empty juice bottle and fill the bottom with 1/4 cup of rice. Drizzle about two teaspoons of white glue over the rice and allow it to dry.

Step 3

Create a simple dress or a t-shirt and pants for the bobblehead. Draw a pattern for the clothing on the craft foam, based on the size of container you are using. Make the clothing big enough that you can wrap it around the bottle and glue the edges together. Use scissors to cut out the pieces, then glue them on the doll.


Step 4

Cut the 12-inch pipe cleaner in half and use the white glue to adhere it into the sleeves of your craft foam shirt or dress. You can cut out small Styrofoam hands to paste onto the end of the arms.

Step 5

Decorate the Styrofoam ball with yarn hair. Create a face for your doll by gluing on googly eyes and a small piece of red or pink yarn for the mouth. You could also create a face with markers.

Step 6

Screw the Styrofoam ball onto the coiled pipe cleaner. Adjust to the preferred height and test out the springiness of your bobblehead.


Instead of using rice and white glue, you can fill the bottle with Play-Doh. Screw the pipecleaner into the Play-Doh and allow it to dry.

Consider making the styrofoam ball bigger for an even more absurd, yet fun bobblehead.


Do not allow small children to consume glue-coated rice.


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