How to Make a Jalapa Maranta in Plant Tycoon

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Plant Tycoon is a simulation game where you grow plants in a garden. Then you sell mature plants to potential customers to buy better seeds and grow the best plants for maximum profit. In addition, you can cross pollinate plants to create new species. To beat Plant Tycoon, you need to find the four Magic Plants. In order to discover these plants, you must first make a Jalapa Maranta plant.


Step 1

Grow a Citrus Ball Cactus and a Spotted Reptans to maturity. When a plant is mature, a "Pollination" button will appear under their information pane.

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Step 2

Take the pollen the Citrus Ball Cactus and drop it into the Spotted Reptans to cross-pollinate. This method also works if you drop pollen from the Spotted Reptans and onto the Citrus Ball Cactus.


Step 3

Wait for the cross pollination process between the Citrus Ball Cactus and the Spotted Reptans to produce a seed. The Jalapa Maranta seed will appear in the "Seed Tray" on the top right hand corner of the screen.

Step 4

Drag soil onto an empty pot then water it to prepare for seeding. Place the Jalapa Maranta seed into the watered pot.


Step 5

Wait for the plant to start and finish growing. Plant growth happens in real time, so even if you are logged off the game, it will continue to grow. When the Jalapa Maranta seed grows from a sprout to full maturity you have successfully made a Jalapa Maranta Plant.

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