How to Fix a Broken Gold Necklace

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Things You'll Need

  • Gold jump ring

  • 2 needle-nosed pliers

  • Gold solder

  • Wire nippers

  • Tweezers

  • Ceramic soldering board

  • Liquid Borax flux

  • Acetylene torch

  • Protective gloves

  • Pickle solution

  • Water

  • Soap

  • Soft cloth

A gold chain can break from wear and tear or from getting caught on clothing.
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Gold has been sought after throughout the ages for many reasons. One of the oldest uses of gold, jewelry making, dates back to at least 4,000 B.C. Gold necklaces are still a fashion statement for both men and women – and accidents do happen resulting in broken pieces. Avoid a costly trip to the jewelry store and fix your broken gold necklace yourself. You may just need to replace a broken jump ring, or the repair could involve soldering the chain back together. But when you're done, the necklace will no longer sit forgotten in your jewelry box.


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Step 1

Place the necklace pieces flat on a work surface. Put the clasp or charm next to the necklace. Set the two sections of necklace next to each other if you are reattaching a linked necklace.


Step 2

Take a pair of pliers in each hand. Pick up a jump ring with the pliers in your dominant hand. Orient the opening of the jump ring so that it is at the top.

Step 3

Position the pliers so they are grasping the jump ring on the right and the left of the opening.


Step 4

Twist the ends of the ring away from each other to open the ring. Do not pull them open by pulling the pliers to the left and the right as it weakens the ring.

Step 5

Slip the ends of the chain, clasp or charm onto the rings. Twist the ends towards each other to close.


Soldering a Gold Necklace

Step 1

Snip the gold solder into 1 millimeter chips with the wire nippers.

Step 2

Place the broken necklace on the ceramic soldering board. Arrange the pieces together with the tweezers so that they are in place to be soldered.


Step 3

Paint the liquid flux onto the section that will be soldered together. Dab on a small amount. Use your tweezers to place the chips of solder on the flux.

Step 4

Light your torch. Use the tip of the torch to heat the solder. Hold it above the solder and sweep it over the area with wide strokes. Do not touch the flame down on the necklace, as it will start to melt the gold. Remove the heat and arrange the necklace with the tweezers, as needed.


Step 5

Turn off the torch and let the necklace cool. Place the necklace in the pickle solution. Follow the instructions on the package as to what temperature to heat the liquid and how long to leave the necklace in the solution.

Step 6

Remove necklace. Wash it in soapy water and rinse. Dry the finished piece with a cloth.


Gold jump rings can be found in the jewelry-making section of craft stores.

Do not to use the same karat solder as your necklace. Always go higher in karat for the solder so your necklace will not melt with or before your solder.


Use caution when using an open flame.

Do not touch the metal with your bare hands.


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