How to Tie a Balloon String

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Things You'll Need

  • Blown-up and tied-off balloon

  • Balloon string

Once you have blown up and tied off a balloon, you need to attach it to a string. Doing so is often made more complicated than necessary -- in fact, tying a balloon string should only take a matter of seconds at most.


Tying a Balloon String

Step 1

Begin by holding the string in your dominant hand, and the balloon in the arm of your opposite arm. This will position the balloon so that the string-tying process is easier.

Step 2

With your thumb and index finger, pinch together the area where the balloon has been knotted. The string is going to be tied directly above this knot (so that it cannot slip off once it has been attached).


Step 3

Slide the end of the string underneath the area being pinched.

Step 4

Loosely wrap the tip of the string around the balloon's knot until it comes around in a complete circle.

Step 5

Loop the short end of the string through the newly created, circular hole.

Step 6

Pull both ends of the string tightly, ensuring that you tighten it right above the balloon's knot. The string should now be securely attached to your balloon.


Keep in mind that tying this string is much like the beginning half of tying your shoelaces.