How to Tie a Balloon String

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You can tie a balloon string.
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You don't need to be a professional decorator to create a colorful balloon arch for your next special event. The key is to understand the basics of how to tie a balloon string and string of balloons. Then, you should be sure to plan ahead, have the right supplies and have a little bit of patience. Making balloon decorations can be a lot of fun once you have the hang of it, and doing it on your own can save you a lot of money.


Preparing for Your Balloon Arch

Most people are referencing a balloon arch when they speak about balloon strings since the arch is in essence a string of balloons. First, though, you'll need to blow up the balloon and then tie a loop of string around the base of the balloon. Knot this string on the fist balloon. From there, you can continue building an arch if you so choose.


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To plan a balloon arch, decide which shape you want. You can use the traditional route, try an "L" shape or go for something more unusual. Remember that it is easy to adjust the shape as you go as long as you have an idea in mind plus a color scheme when you are ready to get started.


Many experts recommend buying 100 balloons of different sizes for a small arch and 150 for a more prominent display. Buying an inexpensive electric balloon pump will make the arch-building process much more manageable. You can try using fishing line instead of string since it is invisible. You'll also need adhesive hooks, clear tape, scissors, a low-temperature glue gun (or small sticky dots) and a blunt needle.


Making a Balloon Arch

To get started, you'll need to be able to tie balloons quickly. There is more than one way to inflate and secure a balloon, and your method will depend on your preferences. The simplest way is to stretch out the tail, blow air into it, squeeze the tail and tie it into a knot.


Make sure your string is at the desired length before wrapping it around the tail and knotting it tightly. Use a gentle hand to make sure the balloon doesn't pop but make sure you buy a few extras just in case.

You can tie the balloon tail and string together to save time and energy. This may only take a few seconds. Have the piece of string or ribbon ready, blow up a balloon and hold the tail shut. Run the string next to the tail and wrap both around two fingers. Let go of the string and pull the tip of the balloon tail through. Tighten the string and you have a tied balloon.


Forming the Balloon Arch

To get into building the arch, blow up and knot the balloons, threading the fishing line through the blunt needle and knotting the end. Push the needle through the balloon tails and continue doing so until you have gone through about half of them. Cut and knot the other end of the fishing line. Hang up the hooks over a wall arch, around a window or right onto a wall. If you might need to move the hooks later, remember that adhesive ones are easy to remove.


Hang the fishing line onto the hooks and add a second row of balloons if you like. You can add extra small balloons to fill the space using a hot glue gun on its low setting. Add a teeny bit of glue and do not touch the balloons with the metal tip. If glue guns aren't your thing, use sticky dots or good-quality tape.



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