How to Connect a Wireless Camera

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Things You'll Need

  • Wireless cameras (the ones from are good)

  • Laptop computer

If you've ever wanted a home security monitoring system, but thought it would be to expensive to install, think again. With today's digital cameras and wireless technology all it takes is a television and a few cameras, and you'll be able to know what's going on outside of your house from wherever you are in the world.


How To Connect A Wireless Computer

Step 1

Install the cameras. All you have to do is attach them to a wall using the mounting screws and then plug them in to a power source. They are weather resistant so you can get them wet.


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Step 2

Connect your TV or computer to the wireless camera. All you need to do is connect the wireless video receiver to a power supply then run the RCA cable that comes with it to your television or VCR. The cables will be color coded yellow and red, and you simply plug the right corresponding color into the correct hole. You can also plug the receiver into the USB port in your laptop.


Step 3

Monitor your cameras on the Internet. You can sign up with From for a free account to download the software on your computer. Once installed you will need to keep your computer attached to the video on and connected to the Internet. You'll be able to access your cameras from any laptop, PDA or web enbabled mobile phone.



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