How to Clean Sketchers Shoes

Sketchers shoes are known for their style, vibrant color and heavy use of plastic around the front and bottom of the shoe. While special care should be given when cleaning Sketchers shoes, in most cases, the task largely requires simple tools that can be found in the home and a few minutes of light scrubbing. This general guide will help you clean your Sketchers shoes and treat any stains or marks. Special tools are not required, and the task is largely simple. For the best results, avoid washing Sketchers or any other type of tennis shoe in a washing machine—the structure and form of the shoe may change.

Things You'll Need

  • Toothbrush or rag

  • Detergent

  • Bowl

  • Shoe polish

Step 1

Use a large plastic bowl to mix 4 cups of cold water with 1 tsp. of mild fabric detergent. Gently stir to agitate the water and detergent. The brand of fabric detergent is not important; it need only be mild and intended for use with fabrics.

Step 2

Use a small cotton rag or toothbrush to clean the shoe. Start with the plastic bottom of the Sketchers shoe and then brush the shoe in the direction of the grooves. Sweep the brush over each groove to remove any debris or dirt.

Step 3

Whisk the toothbrush in the bowl to remove any dirt. Tap the toothbrush to remove excess water. Gently clean the sides of the shoe, brushing the toothbrush up the length of the shoe and around to the other side. If using a cotton rag, perform the same action.

Step 4

Remove the shoelaces from the shoe and pull out the shoe tongue. Brush the tongue of the shoe to remove any dirt. Wash the shoelaces in the bowl and then squeeze to remove excess water. Hang to dry.

Step 5

Spot clean any other areas that require additional cleaning. Hang to dry when done.

Step 6

Use a neutral shoe polish to restore and add moisture to any leather parts of the Sketchers shoe.


Sketchers shoes should not be put in a dryer; the bottom plastic sole of the shoe may melt or soften. Clean your Sketchers shoes regularly to avoid a buildup of dirt.