How to Clean Fake Wood Flooring

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Things You'll Need

  • Broom

  • Dust pan

  • Dust mop

  • Distilled water

  • White vinegar

  • Spray bottle

More homeowners are opting to install fake wood flooring--or wood laminate, as it's often called--in their homes. Aside from being easy to install and ultra-affordable, this type of flooring is also incredibly easy to care for. There is only one minor setback of laminate flooring. The wood-like design featured on laminate floor planks is actually printed on layers of paper. Though this paper is protected by a special coating, it still requires that it is treated with extra care so that your flooring stays durable and attractive for as long as possible. Those who install wood laminate do not recommend using traditional cleansers on the flooring, which is why this mixture of vinegar and water is ideal. Aside from being a green alternative to harsher chemicals, it will also keep your floor very clean.


Step 1

Mix 4 oz. of white vinegar with 32 oz. of distilled water in a large spray bottle. Set it aside for now.

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Step 2

Sweep the laminate wood flooring with your broom, using the dust pan to pick up any dust, dirt, stray pebbles, rocks, or other roughly textured debris that may damage the floor if scraped across the laminate during other steps of the cleaning process.


Step 3

Dust mop the fake wood flooring, just to ensure that you've removed any dust or dirt that may be clinging to the surface. This also ensures that dirty-looking streaks won't appear once you've mopped up the cleaning solution.

Step 4

Adjust the nozzle on the squirt bottle so that is mists the vinegar/water solution, as opposed to squirting it. Mist a fine, even layer of the cleaning solution over the fake wood flooring.


Step 5

Mop up the cleaning solution with the dust mop you used in Step 3. Applying gentle pressure to the dust mop will enable you to soak up the moisture while also buffing the fake wood flooring.

Step 6

Though the final dust mopping should make the floor safe to walk on, give the floor an additional ten minutes to dry just to be safe.


The water/vinegar mixture is a natural cleanser that can be used to clean any surface in your home.


Never use ammonia-based cleaners on wood laminate flooring.



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