How to Clean Laminator Hot Rolls

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Things You'll Need

  • Laminator

  • Mild abrasive cleaning pads

  • Microfiber cloth

  • Window cleaner

  • Laminator cleaning solution

Laminators can preserve and protect important papers from stains, yellowing and tearing. Whether you're using a laminator to create bookmarks, identification tags or presentation sheets, adhesive on the edge of the film desposits onto the rollers over time. Proper cleaning of your laminator machine's hot rollers is imperative for optimal performance.


Clean Laminator Hot Rolls

Step 1

Switch the laminator's power button to the off setting.

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Step 2

Remove existing film rolls from the laminator. Run the laminator machine in reverse, ensuring all film is behind the rollers. Open the machine and remove the film rolls by sliding them off the spindles.

Step 3

Allow the laminator to rest and adjust to room temperature until it is cool to the touch.

Step 4

Clean the hot rolls with an abrasive pad. Soak a mildly abrasive pad in window cleaner, squeezing off excess liquid. Rub the pad across the hot rollers in a horizontal movement, turning the rollers by hand as you clean.


Step 5

Remove stubborn residue with specialty laminator cleaner, rubbing a dampened abrasive pad firmly across the roll surfaces as you rotate them.

Step 6

Dry the laminator rolls with a soft, microfiber cloth.

Step 7

Replace the laminator film rolls back onto the machine's spindles to ready it for use.


Ensuring that your laminator film is aligned correctly can reduce the build-up on the rollers, making for easier cleanings. Clean your laminator's hot rolls regularly at least every six months.


Never use steel wool pads to clean a laminator's hot rollers as they can damage their surface. It is never safe to place a sharp metal object into any part of a laminator. Do not attempt to clean a laminator machine that is still partially running.


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