How to Remove Odor From a Suede Jacket

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If you own a suede leather jacket, it is probably one of the most treasured items in your wardrobe. But given the somewhat porous surface of suede, the jacket may have acquired an unpleasant odor, whether from smoke, dry cleaning chemicals, dampness or any number of sources. But your favorite suede jacket isn't ready to be tossed out yet.


Things You'll Need

  • Clothes hanger

  • Large plastic bag from a dry cleaner

  • Twist ties or rubber band

  • Clean sock

  • Baking soda

  • Fabric softener sheet

  • Clothes dryer

Step 1

Hang the suede jacket on a sturdy hanger and cover the jacket with a large plastic dry cleaning bag. Use a twist tie or rubber band to seal and close off the opening of the bag around the hanger hook.

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Step 2

Fill a clean sock with baking soda. Tie off the open end of the sock tightly with a twist tie, rubber band or by knotting the sock.


Step 3

Place the sock in the bottom of the plastic dry cleaning bag and close up the bottom opening of the bag with a twist tie, rubber band or by knot.

Step 4

Hang the suede jacket for a minimum of five days. The properties of the baking soda allow the baking soda to absorb odors. After five days, check to see if the odor is still present. If there still is an odor, repeat Step 3, with fresh baking soda in the sock.


Step 5

Dampen with water, very slightly, a fabric softener dryer sheet. Place the sheet and the suede jacket in the clothes dryer. Set the clothes dryer on AIR only, and run the dryer, with the jacket and fabric softener sheet, for five to ten minutes. This step is optional and should be undertaken carefully. Although the dryer is set at air only, the tumbling may make the suede of the jacket softer, less rigid and stiff, than it was before. This step will, however, give the suede jacket a very pleasant scent.


An alternative to using a sock and baking soda is to replace the sock and baking soda in Step 2 and 3 with several envelopes each filled with two to three tablespoons of fresh coffee grounds. The coffee grounds act on the same principle as the baking soda in absorbing odor. Again, leave the envelopes of coffee in the enclosed dry cleaners bag with the suede jacket for several days.


Some people suggest using commercial fabric odor removing sprays. Most of these sprays are not recommended for suede or leather and may leave stains and spotting on the jacket.


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