How to Change the Blade on a Fiskars Rotary Cutter

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Things You'll Need

  • Fiskars rotary tool

  • Replacement blade

  • Flat, uncluttered surface

  • Protective gloves (not essential, but good safety precaution)

The best way to cut fabric on a flat surface is by using a rotary cutting tool. One of the best rotary cutting tools on the market is made by Fiskars. Its features allow for safe and accurate cutting of patterns along just about any lines, making your project easier. Changing the blade is necessary sometimes, especially after several projects.


Step 1

Unscrew the plastic thumb nut on the opposite side of the tool from the blade. This nut should only be finger tight, so no special tools are needed. Once the nut is removed, you can just pull the orange plastic guard off the blade side of the tool.

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Step 2

Remove the old blade carefully. Discard it away from children and pets.


Step 3

Place the new blade in the tool by laying it flat and matching up the center hole of the blade to the orange insert in the tool handle.

Step 4

Place the orange guard back through the center hole of the new blade, matching up the flat side of the screw base to the flat side of the hole. Try to twist the guard on its axis to see if you matched it up right. If it won't spin around, it is secure.

Step 5

Screw the nut back onto the screw on the other side of the tool's handle. Only tighten it enough to hold.


Put the blade in its retracted position before changing it out to make it easier to line up and safer to handle.


The new blade is very sharp. Wear protective gloves to avoid cuts.

The old blade may be too dull to cut well, but it is still very sharp as well.

Keep the tool away from children.


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