How to Change a Water Filter Cartridge in an Ice Maker

The water filter cartridge for your freezer's ice maker removes rust, sediment, bad odors and other impurities from the water before it enters the ice maker. Some types of freezers include a built-in filter, usually accessed at the front of the refrigerator. Other models, however, do not have a built-in filter. In these cases, the filter is added at the back of the refrigerator where the water enters the freezer. Check your refrigerator-freezer owner's manual to determine where the filter is located, if any, and what type of water filter cartridge to buy.

Non-Built-In Water Filters

Step 1

Pull the refrigerator away from the wall so you can see behind it. You may also need to turn off the power and water supply to the freezer, depending on your model of filter. Check the filter cartridge's product manual for safety details.

Step 2

Find the water filter cartridge, which looks like a canister or cylinder. It will be attached to the water line that enters the refrigerator-freezer.

Step 3

Remove the old filter by twisting and pulling gently.

Step 4

Install the new cartridge by pushing the filter into position and twisting.

Step 5

Turn on the water to test that the new filter is secure and does not leak. Run the water several minutes.

Step 6

Push the refrigerator-freezer back against the wall and plug in, if necessary.

Built-In Water Filters

Step 1

Look for a knob at the front of the refrigerator down by the grill plate.

Step 2

Turn the knob counter-clockwise to unlock the filter. Pull out the cartridge.

Step 3

Replace the water filter cartridge with a new one.

Step 4

Push the cartridge back in and turn the knob to secure.


Refrigerators-freezers with built-in filters usually include an indicator light on the inside of the refrigerator that tells you when to change the filter. If your model does not have a filter indicator, you will need to rely on how the ice tastes or smells, or simply change the filter on a regular basis to ensure that it is working properly.

Write down the date you replaced the filter. Depending on how much ice you use, you may need to replace it every 6 months or more.