How to Clean a Kenmore Washing Machine

Cleaning a Kenmore washing machine is important. Dust and dirt can get trapped in vents and around the electrical components, which can potentially turn into a fire hazard. In addition, the grime may lower the life expectancy of the machine. Cleaning your Kenmore washing machine thoroughly at least once a month will protect your appliance as well as your home. Special products are not required for this task. You can use cleaning materials around your home to remove the dirt from your machine.

Things You'll Need

  • Pan

  • Dish soap

  • Rag

  • Towel

Step 1

Ask someone to help you move the washing machine away from the wall. You need enough room to clean the back of the Kenmore, or roughly 5 inches. Unplug the power cord; however, leave the water supply intact.

Step 2

Add hot water to the pan. Take the pan, soap, rag and towel to the machine.

Step 3

Plunge the rag into the hot water. Squeeze thoroughly. Add a drop of dish soap to the cloth. Rub together for lather.

Step 4

Reach behind the washing machine. Scrub the entire backside of the machine with the soapy cloth. This will remove dirt as well as set-in dust. Wring the cloth out into the pan and wipe the backside again. Use the towel to completely dry the machine. Any moisture around the electrical units should be dried as well.

Step 5

Clean the front and sides of the Kenmore washing machine, replacing the water in the pan and the soap on the rag as needed. Rub the sides and front entirely until the grime is depleted. Dry again.

Step 6

Wash the top of the machine. Use your finger in the rag to clean around the knobs and buttons. Open the lid and clean any indentations in the washing machine. Dry.

Step 7

Leave the lid open to clean inside the washer. Replace the hot water in the pan and add soap to your rag. Rub the soap over the drum inside the washer. Begin at the top. Continue in circular rows until you reach the bottom. Wring out the cloth. Apply more soap if necessary. Rinse the soap off the washing machine drum with the moist rag. Dry completely.

Step 8

Plug the Kenmore washing machine back in and move it back into place with help.


Do no leave soap residue inside the drum of the washing machine. This could cause a mess when doing laundry. Dry the back of the washing machine entirely before plugging the washer back in.