How to Find Free Woodworking Tools

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Woodworking can be an expensive hobby, especially when you first start out. If you are willing to use previously owned tools that may need some repair, there are ways to get some that will not cost you a dime. By finding free, used tools, you'll be able to determine which tools you use the most before replacing them with something newer.


Step 1

Make a list of the tools you think you need. Hand tools may be easier to locate for free than power tools.

Step 2

Place an advertisement on under the wanted section for the city closest to you. Be sure to list a way for people to contact you with their free tools.

Step 3

Join your local Freecycle community. This can be found by going to and looking for groups in your area. Place an advertisement stating what tools you are looking for.


Step 4

Check garage sales. The final hour is often the best time to try to get woodworking tools for free if the owner no longer wants them cluttering the garage. Also try flea markets.

Step 5

Attend farm auctions or other rural auctions. Occasionally at the end of the auction the items that did not sell will be given to anyone willing to haul them away. You can find a lot of woodworking hand tools this way.


Take only mechanical woodworking tools that you know you can repair.

If a mechanical tool has a non-working motor, be sure that it can be replaced easily.

Most hand tools can be cleaned of rust or grime with oil, sandpaper and steel wool.

Often at flea markets and garage sales, you can haggle with the seller and buy one tool and get one or more for free.