How to Make Concrete Sealer from Linseed Oil

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Things You'll Need

  • Boiled linseed oil

  • Kerosene or paint thinner

  • Bucket

  • Roller, brush or hand pump sprayer

  • Ready-made linseed sealer

It's not hard to make and use a linseed oil solution to seal your concrete driveway or sidewalk -- some people prefer this homemade brew to store-bought sealers for protection from winter damage. But be sure to take some important precautions. First, call your air pollution control district to ask whether it's legal to use a linseed sealer. If it is legal, be very careful when you use it -- linseed oil is extremely flammable.


Step 1

Make sure the concrete is completely dry. Before you seal it, wait at least two days after the last rain.

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Step 2

In a bucket, mix one part boiled linseed oil to one part kerosene or paint thinner. Be sure the work area is well-ventilated.

Step 3

If you don't want to make your own sealer, buy a ready-made treatment product that contains linseed oil plus solvents. See Resources below.

Step 4

Use a paintbrush, roller or hand pump sprayer. Apply evenly and lightly -- if you apply too thick a layer, it will darken the concrete.

Step 5

Let the area dry thoroughly before using it.


Be very careful when using linseed oil because it's so flammable. If you've used any cloths to wipe it up, lay them flat outdoors to dry. Wash any rags or applicators in water before you store or dispose of them.


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