How to Apply Vinyl Lettering to Wood

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Things You'll Need

  • Vinyl lettering

  • Wood

  • Masking or painter's tape

Vinyl lettering can add life to an old chair or wood sign. You can purchase vinyl lettering at craft stores or online, or you can cut your own at home. Either way, applying the lettering to wood needs to be done on a clean, even surface. Vinyl can be easily removed so if you don't like the finished product, just move around the images until you are satisfied.



Step 1

Smooth out the wood surface you are applying your vinyl lettering to. If needed, you may want to sand or apply a finish to the wood in order for the vinyl to adhere to the surface properly.

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Step 2

Leave the paper backing on your vinyl lettering and plan out the spacing and design of your project. Leaving the backing on your vinyl will allow you to place with the placement of your letters before applying them to the wood. Use a ruler, pencil and tape to ensure the proper placement of your wording.


Step 3

Lay the vinyl stickers flat in the spacing and design you want. Place masking or painter's tape firmly over the vinyl lettering. Using firm pressure be sure that the tape picks up each of the letters.

Step 4

Use the pencil marks you made on your wood surface as a guide for placing the lettering on your wood. Evenly place the masking or painter's tape with the vinyl lettering onto your wood surface. Again, using firm pressure, adhere the lettering to your wood.


Step 5

Begin to carefully lift off the masking or painters tape. Rocking the tape side to side will help leave the lettering on your wood while the tape is coming cleanly off of the lettering. Press down the lettering as you go to be sure it sticks.


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