How to Keep a Shower Caddy on a Shower Head

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A common place for keeping a shower caddy in the shower is to hang it on the shower head. Unfortunately, often the suction cups that accompany shower caddies do not hold the shower caddy in place very well or for very long. This is especially true when everything gets wet and slippery.

Step 1

Slide the two rubber bands onto the end of the shower head over the spraying end.


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Step 2

Wrap the rubber bands in either a double or triple layer around the shower head to make them tight enough so as to not slip or slide up or down the shower head.

Step 3

Push the rubber bands up to just under the point where you want the shower caddy to hang.



Step 4

Place the shower caddy onto the shower head and position it just above the rubber bands, allowing the rubber bands to support the weight of the shower caddy and prevent it from slipping.




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