How to Decorate Wedding Reception Chairs - Tiffany style

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Things You'll Need

  • Fold-up or metal chair

  • Bright white chair cover

  • 53-inch teal tulle or fabric (measurement for one chair)

  • Small orchids

Many women love the style and fashion associated with Tiffany's, especially anything reminiscent of the little teal boxes with white cloth inside, not to mention the world-famous diamonds. If you want to draw parallels with Tiffany's long-renowned style, you can help evoke this timeless style in carefully prepared, but simple to set up, wedding reception decorations.


Step 1

Lay the white chair cover over the chair and secure as directed by the cover's instructions. Make sure it is bright white, clean and wrinkle-free. Chair covers, as well as chairs, can be rented from any party or event planning shop for a reasonable price.

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Step 2

Place the 53-inch piece of tulle or fabric onto the front center of the chair back. Tightly pull the fabric around to the back center of the chair and tie into a secure, tight knot.

Step 3

You will now make a traditional bow out of the excess fabric. Allow the remaining fabric to hang loosely from the bow. Fluff the bow until it is even and straight on each side.


Step 4

Add your orchids to the center of the bow by placing the stems through one loop of the bow. For additional hold, you may want to use a small piece of floral wire to attach the orchids to the bow, but be careful not to damage the tulle or fabric.