How to Make Buckeye Necklaces

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Things You'll Need

  • 12-15 buckeyes

  • Power drill

  • Rubber cording

  • Clear protective spray

  • Jewelry clasps, beads, adornments (optional)

Buckeye necklaces are easy to create with children or with a group of friends before the big game. Buckeye trees grow in Ohio and surrounding states, and you can collect them easily. Buckeyes can also be purchased from craft stores, college supply stores or online for a nominal cost.

Step 1

Drill holes through the buckeyes with a power drill. A small drill bit, just large enough for jewelry string or wire to fit through, should be placed in the center of the sides of the nuts. Carefully press the drill through the buckeye at a slow speed.


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Step 2

Decorate the buckeyes with paint or stickers, if desired.


Step 3

Spray the buckeyes with clear craft varnish.

Step 4

Measure 24 inches of the rubber cording needed to make the necklace before stringing it through the buckeyes. Then add the buckeyes to the cording.

Step 5

Tie the ends of the cord together in a double knot. Add a drop of craft glue on the knot to make it more secure.


Using too large a drill bit or too much force will crack the buckeye, even with extreme care. Crafters should always have extra buckeyes on hand since at least a few nuts are sure to splinter during the drilling process.

Craft wire is easier to push through the buckeyes than rubber cording, although it's not as decorative. Fishing line may also be used, as it is more durable than both craft wire or rubber cording.

Add spacer beads to necklace. Colored plastic beads can be used as placeholders for the buckeyes.


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