How to Repair Loose Aluminum Siding

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Repair Loose Aluminum Siding

Storms, accidents and a variety of weather can cause interlocking aluminum siding to become loose. They may appear slanted and make your house unattractive, and these loose pieces make a flapping sound on windy days that can make a sound inside and outside your home. You can easily tighten these pieces of siding with the proper tool.


Step 1

Buy a siding unlock tool from a home improvement store.

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Step 2

Locate the loose piece of aluminum siding.

Step 3

Fit the hook under the end of the piece of loose siding.


Step 4

Pull the tool downward and along the entire bottom of the piece of siding. The entire loose piece should now hinge out toward you.

Step 5

Push up firmly on the bottom of the piece of siding to reconnect the top lip of the loose piece of siding under the bottom lip of the piece of siding above the original loose piece. Pop the bottom lip of the original loose piece of siding back over top the piece of siding below it with the hook tool.

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