How To Rebuild a Glacier Bay Bathroom Faucet

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Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver

  • Pliers

  • Washrag

Learning how to rebuild a Glacier Bay bathroom faucet takes only a few minutes.

Learning how to rebuild a Glacier Bay bathroom faucet takes only a few minutes. The maintenance-friendly faucet design incorporates a limited number of parts and requires no special tools or equipment to service. When you have acquired your replacement Glacier Bay faucet parts and you are ready to start rebuilding the faucet, it should only take you about half an hour to complete.


Step 1

Shut off water supplies. Under the bathroom lavatory sink, you will find two shiny chrome water supply cut-off valves. Turn the metal or plastic valve handles to the right until they stop. Turn the hot and cold levers of the faucet on; this is to alleviate any pressure in the water lines and faucet.


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Step 2

Remove the lever handles. On the top of each handle is a small index button with either an "H" or a "C" stamped into it. These buttons are covering up the handle holding screw. Pop out each button with your fingers--they should come out relatively easily. Looking down inside the hole under the button, you will see the top on the holding screw; remove the screw with your screwdriver.


Step 3

Pull off the handles. Under the handles, you will see a small plastic hexagon-shaped inverter nut. This nut is an adapter from the faucet stem to the lever handle. Pull off each inverter and set it to the side with the lever handles.

Step 4

Remove the faucet cartridges. Unscrew the bonnet nuts that hold the cartridges in place. The nuts are round on the bottom and hexagon-shaped on the top. Using your pliers, unscrew the bonnet nuts by holding onto the hexagon top of the nut, then set them aside with the handles.


Step 5

Pull out each cartridge with the pliers or by hand if they are loose. Make a mental note of the position each cartridge is in as you remove it.

Step 6

Clean any debris from inside the faucet body with a clean washrag. This will guarantee the new stems a solid seal against the faucet and cartridge seat.


Step 7

Install the new cartridges. Insert each cartridge into the faucet in the exact position that the old ones came out. This will ensure that the lever handles will turn in the right direction to shut off the faucet. Replace the bonnet nuts by hand and then tighten with the pliers securely.

Step 8

Reinstall the handles. Place each inverter nut into position on the faucet cartridge stems. Set the lever handles on top of each inverter nut. Install the handle holding screws. Pop the hot and cold indicator buttons on their respective handles. Turn the water supplies on. Open and close the lever handles several times. Look for leaks under the handles while testing the faucet operation.


Install the cartridges correctly for proper handle operation. If you get it wrong the first time, just turn the cartridge 180 degrees to correct the problem. To prevent accidentally losing any small parts, block the drain opening of the sink.


Do not try to substitute any other brand of cartridges; you may permanently damage the faucet.


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