How to Make a Floral Crown

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How to make a flower crown.
Image Credit: Bleudog Fotography

Music festival season is in full swing, and a flower crown makes the perfect hair accessory for a boho or hippie look. Make this vibrant flower crown with ribbon ties, so you'll be the standout "flower child" at music festivals such as Coachella.


What You'll Need

You can find these items at a crafts store.
Image Credit: Amanda Nguyen
  • Heavy-duty scissors or wire cutters
  • Green floral tape
  • 26-gauge green floral wire
  • Faux flowers (15 to 20 flowers; they are sold individually or in bunches)
  • 2 to 3 styles of assorted ribbons (at least one ribbon style that is 1 1/2-by-2 1/2-inches wide and ribbons that match your flowers)


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Step 1: Cut the Faux Flower Stems

If you're using scissors, simply cut a notch in each stem.
Image Credit: Amanda Nguyen

Using your heavy-duty scissors or wire cutters, cut each flower from its main stem, leaving approximately 2 1/2 inches of stem attached to the flower.


Step 2: Break the Stem

Wire cutters will cut right through the wire stem.
Image Credit: Amanda Nguyen

If you used wire cutters, skip this step. Wire cutters will cut off the stem completely with one cut. Scissors may not cut all the way through the wire in the stem. Cut a notch in the stem, and use your fingers to move the stem back and forth to break it off.


Step 3: Arrange Flowers Into Bunches

Use an assortment of flowers and colors.
Image Credit: Amanda Nguyen

To keep your workspace tidy, sort your flowers into bunches by type and color. This will make it easier to select flowers for placement on your crown.


Step 4: Make the Crown Base With Wire

Place the wire and measure it around your head where you want the crown to sit.
Image Credit: Amanda Nguyen

Measure around the top of your head to determine how much wire to cut off to create the base of the flower crown. Leave a few inches in case you need the extra wire later. Cut the wire and form it in the shape of a circle to go around your head.



Step 5: Adding Flowers to the Wire

Place flowers of different styles, sizes or colors on the flower crown.
Image Credit: Amanda Nguyen

Grab a flower and bend the stem into a curve to follow the curve of the green wire. Start to wrap the green wire around the stem. Keep adding flowers to the green wire, wrapping the wire around the stems as you go. Wrapping the wire around the stems causes the wire base to become shorter, allowing room to add ribbon ties at the end.


Step 6: Reinforce the Flowers With Green Wire

Keep the flowers in place with extra green wire wrapped around the stems.
Image Credit: Amanda Nguyen

Once you have finished wrapping your flowers into the green wire, cut another piece of green wire and wrap it around the entire crown for reinforcement.


Step 7: Wrap Floral Tape Around the Crown

Green floral tape conceals the stems and wire to give the flower crown a more polished look.
Image Credit: Amanda Nguyen

When you have finished reinforcing the crown, wrap the green floral tape once around the exposed wire and flower stems to conceal them.

Step 8: Adding Ribbons to the Crown

Have fun with the ribbon combinations.
Image Credit: Amanda Nguyen

Use three ribbon styles to complement the colors of the flowers in the crown, if desired. When selecting ribbons for your crown, choose at least one ribbon style that is 1 1 1/2- to 2 1/2-inches wide.


After cutting 2 pieces of approximately 1 foot of each ribbon style -- one for each side of the floral crown -- make a stack of one set of ribbons. Then, place the stack of ribbons on one side of the end of the flower crown, and cut another piece of green wire to wrap around the ribbons and hold in place on the crown. Repeat for the other side.

Finish by wrapping the exposed wire and ribbon with green floral tape.

Step 9: Wear Your Flower Crown

Style your festival look with your new flower crown.
Image Credit: Bleudog Fotography (Left) & Amanda Nguyen (Right)

Use the ribbons ties to tie your new flower crown securely around your head; fasten them with bobby pins if necessary. Wear a neutral outfit or a look that highlights the pops of color on your flower crown.



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