How to Build a Fairy House From an Old Doll House

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Old dollhouses can be converted into a mythical fairy house if your daughter becomes tired of her regular dollhouse. Fairy houses are special houses that are said to attract "fairies" and "pixies." You can decorate your old dollhouse with the things that attract fairies and leave it in your garden. Legend says that this will bring good luck and beauty to your home and life. Use this as a creative project or a way to recycle those old toys!


Build a Fairy House From an Old Doll House

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Things You'll Need

  • Pebbles, Stones Or Jewels

  • Hot Glue Gun

  • Natural Dried Elements From Garden, Such As Peat Moss, Dried Leaves And Grass, Etc.

  • Clay Or Garden Mud

  • Large Bowls

  • Old Dollhouse

  • Twigs And Bark

  • Glue Sticks Or Water Resistant Glue

  • Gloves, If Desired

Step 1

Create a new outside appearance for the house by taking clay or mud from the garden and applying it to the roof, outside walls and area in front of the house as a front stoop. Become creative and take ferns, feathers, flowers or bark and press them into the clay or mud to leave imprints, or you can even leave the bark and ferns in the mud for texture and color.

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Step 2

Decorate the house with foliage and natural elements to appear as a house or cottage in the forest. Do this while the clay is drying if you want to use it as a natural adhesive. For other objects, use a hot glue gun sparingly. Attach old bark and leaves to the walls, and hang strings of peat moss from the eaves of the roof. Place pebbles around the front doors and windows to create frames. Other natural elements to have fun with include feathers, mushrooms, berries, shells, moss, etc.


Step 3

Make sure not to cover the windows if they are opened up already. Add flowers within the windows. Add as much to the outside as you can to make it look as though it could almost become a part of the garden.

Step 4

Decorate the inside of the dollhouse. Glue moss and leaves to the inside walls, and prop up twigs and pieces of branches as sofas, coatracks, tables and beds. Use acorns with their tops removed and other nuts as chairs or side tables. Use the removed tops as bowls and plates. Or, if you desire, you can just use the old doll furniture that was previously in there and adorn it with some natural elements.


Step 5

Place the fairy house in a covered area to be protected by the elements of nature, such as under a large shrub or bush. Place larger branches and rocks around the sides to help anchor it. Add flowers around the fairy house and inside of it to welcome your "guests." Create a game for your children where they peek in to see if things are moved around or not. You can fuel this by moving certain pieces of furniture around or leaving the door open.


Become as creative as you can with the natural elements you use!


Be careful if you gather mushrooms or berries in the wild as they might be poisonous. Keep an almanac close by.


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