How to Read a Spring Scale

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Spring scales are typically used to determine the weight of fish caught at a fishing tournament or to weigh produce at a store. In either case, you'll need to know how to read a spring scale. Thanks to their simplicity of design, they're easy to read.

Step 1

Hold the spring scale in one hand. Be sure that you hold it high enough so you can see the arrow and the numbers clearly.


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Step 2

Hook the object you are weighing onto the hook that hangs down from the scale. If there is a pan suspended below the scale, as seen on produce scales, place the object on the pan.

Step 3

Look at the center or the top of the scale for the units the scale uses. It will most likely be grams, ounces or pounds.


Step 4

Look at the number where the needle stops on the dial face, if this is the the format of the spring scale. This is the weight of the object in the unit.

Step 5

Read the number the arrow stops next to if the scale has a traditional readout. This type of readout has an arrow that is pulled down a graduated scale on the front and stops next to the weight of the object.


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