How to Remove a Kitchen Sink Soap Dispenser

If you've decided you would rather have a sprayer on your kitchen sink, then the soap dispenser must be removed. This project is easy and can be accomplished in 30 minutes. It will probably take you longer to clean out the cabinet under your sink to have access to the dispenser than it will to remove the dispenser itself. This article will explain how to remove a kitchen sink soap dispenser.

Remove a Kitchen Sink Soap Dispenser

Step 1

Remove the lid/pump part of the dispenser.

Step 2

Get under the sink. Reach up and unscrew the bottom part of the dispenser. Remove.

Step 3

Scrape off the ring that rested over the hole that held the dispenser in place. It will either be held on with sticky tape or plumbers putty. Clean the area well with a household cleaner to remove all the adhesive.