How to Make White Face Makeup

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If you're thinking about doing white face makeup for a Halloween costume this year, you should definitely plan to move forward because it's a versatile and exciting choice. White Halloween makeup looks awesome when you are dressing up to be something ghoulish, like a skeleton, a mummy, a monster or even a zombie. It can also work well for animal costumes or clown faces or as a base for some other makeup looks.


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How to Make DIY White Face Paint

You can certainly find white face paint in stores at this time of year, but white face paint makeup can also be easily made at home. To make your own white face paint at home, you need to add 1 cup each of water, cornstarch and flour as well as 1/4 teaspoon of vegetable oil and some face lotion into a bowl. Combine these until you achieve the right consistency and add more water if needed. Now, you can add white food coloring. Mix well and store any extra in an airtight container.


To paint it on your face, first pull all your hair off your face and secure it well. Use a small, clean paintbrush and paint in smooth, even upward strokes. Start with a light coat and allow it to dry before adding a second or third coat. It is always a good idea to practice your face painting before Halloween and to have extra supplies on hand.

Another option to try is white foundation makeup. This will be more expensive than DIY supplies you have in your kitchen but also less costly than professional costume makeup. You can get good results using a concealer or foundation that is at least three to four shades lighter than your skin tone. It does not have to be stark white to look good. The makeup should also have the opposite undertone of your skin. So, if you have a reddish skin tone, look for products that are yellow-toned. Medium, dark and deeper skin tones look scary with warmer, yellow-toned makeup.


Face Painting Tips

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Paint on your white DIY or store-bought base in several layers and finish with a white powder to set it in place. Do not use too much powder because it will look caked on. To create contours, like deep cheekbones, use a gray or taupe color that is darker than your actual skin for a shadow effect. Fake blood is always a good idea; you can create this appearance with burgundy or red-toned lip liners.


For more fake blood, mix some red food coloring, cocoa powder, cornstarch and corn syrup until you have the right thickness. This can also go on other parts of your body too. Add some more details, like scars and stitches, with a dark eye liner for a truly frightening effect. When you are finished, spritz on a bit of makeup setting spray and put on your costume.

Removing White Face Paint

At the end of the night, you will want to remove all of this white makeup to keep your skin healthy. Remove your costume first and get out the cleaning supplies. Start with baby wash or baby shampoo. You can also use a gentle soap or face wash to remove white face makeup. Be careful around your eyes as you are working. Use your fingers and a clean cloth.


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If there is any residue left, take a cotton pad and apply some baby oil, baby cream or olive oil onto it. Rub this onto the marks. The oils should be able to take off the paint. If you still have face paint left on your skin, though, use makeup remover or a makeup remover wipe to get the last spots off without irritating your eyes or skin. Check your hair because you may need to wash it as well.


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