How to Use Airbrush Guns

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Use Airbrush Guns

Airbrush guns are an artistic tool used to paint on a variety of surfaces including canvas, brick and metal. Some artists use airbrush guns to paint murals on walls or designs on cars. Airbrush guns are extremely versatile. They can even be used to apply makeup on your skin. Learning to use an airbrush gun takes patience and lots of practice.


Step 1

First, plug in the compressor and make sure it is running smoothly. The compressor is a machine that supplies the air for your airbrush gun.

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Step 2

Press on the throttle and check your air source against a piece of paper or your hand to make sure that the air is flowing out smoothly. Checking the air source is important because it enables the spray gun to work effectively without getting clogged or blocked.

Step 3

Shake the paint bottles to remove any air bubbles. Pour in the paint and do a few test sprays on a blank piece of paper to make sure the airbrush gun is working properly.

Step 4

Gently press the throttle on the airbrush gun and spray the paint in slow, circular motions continuously. Begin by applying a thin coat and then adding more layers of paint as needed.


Step 5

Take apart the airbrush gun afterward and clean it thoroughly with a mixture of 80% water and 20% ammonia. Rinse it out with clean water after cleaning it with the ammonia solution.


Prevent the airbrush gun from getting clogged by moistening the tip between every few sprays. Just dip the tip into a clean glass of water.

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